Aladdin Theme Party

Delhi Birthday Party Planner of Aladdin theme, These ideas for the theme party fit well for a princess-themed celebration, and we can tell it for both adults and children in a nutshell, any glitter or glam event, or Princess Jasmine party.

Big and colorful lighting in chandeliers hanging on top of each round table, organized for sitting and chair activities linked with lamp master, making decoration more stunning.


Aladdin Theme Decoration Ideas:

The birthday girl dressed as Princess Jasmine will dress as Aladdin, and the birthday boy will. Most importantly, other serving staff can pose in different characters like Jafar, Lago, Razoul, Sultan, Abu, and Genie off-course.

Girls in Ariel Gown, Modest, Mulan, and Arabian Costumes for Males. Gaming segment arranges, and games are also Treasure Hunt, Musical Genie Lamp. Birthday Party Planner for the Aladdin Theme.

Round Table Center Piece Ideas For Aladdin Theme :

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin’s statue placed at the side of the cake. On the main table, Golden Candle stands very concentrated and a large variety of candy and chocolates. Delhi Party Planner on Aladdin theme.

Every item nearly elevated them and made every sweet look so much more precious and shinier.

Purple satin table cloths and colored lanterns are, therefore, in the middle of the adult tables. And there are plenty of bright balloons on them and Maroon and sparkling gold tinsel. Decoration for the Aladdin theme team.

Since children’s table is covered with the same purple cloth on the neck with pink ribbon roses on the teal and golden glass vases and filled with pink and blue jewels. Decoration for the Aladdin theme party.

Their table was set with plaques of gold and cutlery with sparkling gems of gold. Furthermore, hand made golden floor pillows for each child to sit on the floor around our table. Birthday party themed by Aladdin.

Aladdin Theme Ideas :

And Aladdin story characters splashed on every napkin, cover, and sign, we’re giving the Disney princess a little honor. So they set the stage for our exotic birthday bash in the form of a sugar cookie and let the precious jewel and pearl tones and metallic accents. Party planner on Aladdin theme.

There’s plenty of balloons with long strands of gold ribbon hanging from them and releasing them all over the surrounding roof.

Aladdin theme party Foot Setup

For Food, we set up a pumpkin in the shape of the lamp on the Dinner table, foods for serving cucumber yogurt. Similarly, a variety of shakes, chips, trays of crown-shaped, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice boxes with gold ribbon.