Awards night, troop solutions red carpet events organizer.

Awards Ceremonies (also recognized as awards & appreciation events) are an enjoyable way to recognize and celebrate talents and achievements within the organization or with partners.

We are experienced in planning and producing the ideal Awards Night, Troop Solutions and Red Carpet Parties, providing an unforgettable evening for guests to celebrate their accomplishments. We are an Awards Night Coordinator team of professionals & experience. Our Awards Nights are impressive & cutting edge technology groundbreaking. We’ve got hundreds of ideas for activities to make your day memorable, a night to remember.

We create suave & spectacular awards night.

We provide most of the production elements to create the outstanding show, in-house, ensuring you have only one point of touch in the planning and delivery phase of the case. Eventually, you will save both time and money, plus your event will still stay in the hands of the expert team at the right time with the surety of the necessary production.

Why Hire Troop Solutions For Your Next Awards Night

To ensure a smooth and glitch-free event, we have all the technical expertise such as AV development, theme design, event technicals, etc.

We have a time-tested network of entertainment experts, event speakers and presenters, etc. to ensure you are well-coordinated and beautiful Awards Night, Troop Solutions.

We have 15 years of experience, an in-house design unit, and an in-house manufacturing facility.

We’ve also delivered hundreds of spectacular events powered by technology. Our services start with understanding and setting your Awards Night, Troop Solutions goals and targets.

 In order to build a comprehensive plan for an event, our dedicated account manager will address your specifications, from AV to theme awards and staging to entertainment.

Our committed team will get to work, plan, coordinate and produce an innovative, entertaining, professional and seamless event evening once all the elements are decided upon.

We pride ourselves on our special, imaginative and exceptional experiences that will offer an unforgettable evening to your guests.

We are still at the top of the list of Event Management Companies In India (Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR) and this reputation is backed by our 20 years of work experience and hundreds of productive projects delivered. And this makes us the best company to partner with for the case.

Depending on your requirement & preferences, we give complete solutions in a bundle or in a section.

If you schedule any Award Night, Troop Solutions, just call us and ask us for suggestions.

If you are organizing some exceptional Nite, Awards Show, Awards Ceremony, Rewards & Recognition Event, please do not hesitate to contact us for ideas about events to create a legendary nite that will be remembered on and on.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies will be exciting for those involved, a manufacturer honored for their CSR program, an employee who has consistently provided excellent rates of quality, a business delivering innovative products to the market, or a local community unsung hero.

Whoever you honor and whatever the cause, this is a time of tremendous joy and exuberant celebration. Since 2002 Troop Solutions has delivered impressive award ceremonies throughout India. With an in-house team that can inspire and promote your opportunity, event planners to develop and help you pick the best entertainment choices to match your needs, including planning, lighting, PA, technicians and event managers to ensure that your experience runs smoothly at night, we’ve covered all the bases.

Event Management

Much of our work goes unnoticed and so it should be. It means everything works exactly as planned. In reality, flying, inviting, welcoming, transferring, feeding, entertaining, inspiring and delivering an event for 1,200 people in New Delhi needs exceptional organizational skills, but also a 50-delegate award ceremony in India.

We have a forensic eye for detail, from the design and manufacture of delegate lanyards to speaker support, directional signage, menus, sponsor management, accommodation, delegate registration and absolute financial control.

Event Production

It may be as simple as a well-designed stage and a lectern. Or maybe your event needs highly innovative material, brand experiences, personalized room design, state-of-the-art digital sound system and leading-edge lighting?

Every event starts as a blank canvas & our production team is designed to provide you with the right level of support.

Creative Content

The purpose of the award ceremonies is to place the audience at the moment. More experience. Feeling more. Holding for more. We know that emotion is the currency of live events and what’s more, we know how to create content that generates a touching bond, drives your company and produces results.

With an in-house team committed to delivering innovative content on behalf of our consumers, we strive to push the audience to feel more, to encourage them to interact emotionally with the brand, company and message. And whether it’s Multimedia, PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezzi, Video or Audio, we ‘re creating content that can push, inform and captivate the audiences.


If you’re planning a grand-scale event or a smaller, more intimate celebration, we’re working with the business’ best award hosts, presenters and comperes. Including big-name actors, comedians, and TV personalities to seasoned guests, presenters, and award-winning broadcasters, we’ll be having the ideal host to make your awards ceremony a success at night.

We can also include engaging meetings and greet entertainment to build excitement and anticipation upon arrival, industry-leading artists providing brief 5-20 minute high-impact shows to live bands and DJs, suitable for opening up your evening or during breaks and between awards.

Awards Nights & Gala Dinners Service In India

Troop Solution’s award-winning event and audio-visual services can turn every awards night into an awaited evening or a glamorous gala dinner.

Unforgettable Awards Night Or Gala Dinner Service Provider In India

Your one-stop-shop for award-winning staging, Troop production and lighting We will create the ideal environment for your awards night or gala dinner with excellent audio-visual facilities, spectacular stage designs and lighting effects, and complete event production management. Our streamlined approach ensures that every professional service we deliver complements one another, providing a seamless experience for all attendees from scene to screen.

We can customize amazing stage sets and bring them to life using the new mapping of vision and projection; install lighting systems with incredible lighting effects; create suspense and atmosphere with crystal-clear audio and, most importantly, we will be there from day one to pack down to ensure that your awards night or gala dinner runs smoothly. As India’s only integrated event service provider, you can rely on us to make sure your brand awards night or gala dinner leaves a lasting impression with the new and most reliable event production tools.

Troop solutions make your gala dinner guests with unique styling and design.

To create a knock-out case, take advantage of our in-house styling, theming, and digital design solutions.

Let’s immerse your guests with our innovative styling and design solutions into a truly captivating experience. The solution to Troop Solutions is to style every inch of the venue from the entry, right down to the decoration of the table and the centerpiece. Our event stylists have the tools and creativity to make it happen, whether you’re after tailor-made design trends or trying to bring a theme to life.

If you can imagine it, we will build it when it comes to your awards night, a gala event, or cocktail function. If it’s celebrating past successes, looking to the future, or taking place somewhere down the rabbit hole, we’ll help you plan the event of your dreams.

Engage Your Awards Night Guests With The Innovative Event Technology

Link, excite and get involved with our digital event services

Benefit from our full variety of multimedia event facilities, specializing in bringing customer interaction to a whole new level at award nights and gala dinners.

  • Incorporating live polling audiences into your Gala dinner or Awards night is a perfect way to keep guests amused and involved during the night. Our Live Audience polling site has countless ways to keep the event experience alive, from deciding the “best dressed” to predicting award winners.
  • Spread your gala dinner announcement or honor social media award milestones with our advanced event site social media. Event Feed a must-have that is easy to use and will make any guest feel at the center stage.
  • When you are organizing a regional or national event, our advanced solutions for webcasting and streaming events will carry the event to those who can not participate.
  • Bring the platinum experience to your guests with our free event app. It allows you to upload vital details, such as seating charts, presenter and speaker profiles, award category lists and nominations, and has a different sponsorship area.
  • The conference or meeting would benefit from the new range of digital interactions by integrating the latest event technologies, getting you and the guests closer together.

 Night & Gala Dinner Production Provider

We’ll be by your side during your awards night or gala dinner life cycle

Our vast experience means that in that period, we have arranged all kinds of awards ceremonies, gala dinners, and cocktail events. We will cover all of the resources you ‘d need to build the ultimate experience, from branding to technological, digital, design and technology. Our event manufacturing team will oversee every aspect to ensure a smooth and seamless operation of your case. We have the expertise, an unrivaled network of venues and, most importantly, a team of 1000 + committed event-experts who settle for nothing but excellence.

How We Can Help

Troop Solutions is an award winning group having its presence globally. With over 20 years of experience the group is based in Delhi. We believe in assisting our client in such a way to provide 100% satisfaction. He have already handled more than 100 projects at national as well as international level. We are a team of smart and experience peoples who provide cost-effective, on time delivery and efficient solutions to the clients. Here are the services we offer:

For more information, please contact us on or call us Mb. No. 07503294704, 8750317569

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