Pyjama Theme Party Idea for Girls Birthday Party

Pajama parties are wonderful way for friends to gather and party the evening away. Take a look at these fun pyjama party ideas that would allow your closest friends to share a fun, laughter night.

Who doesn’t like an entertaining pajama party? I remember spending my pyjama parties all night dancing up a storm and chattering with my best friends about ‘God knows what.’ Sitting in your flannel pants, watching ‘scary’ horror movies, and sipping hot chocolate is nothing like that. Such slumbering parties are a perfect way to catch up with old-time friends and compensate for the time lost.

So in case you throw a pyjama party, here’s a rundown of some fantastic party ideas, including tips on invites, games, themes and activities. The best to organize are those ones. They are not only inexpensive but do not need much planning or preparation as well. You can hit among all of your guests with a few quirky variations to your sleepover. You should keep some stuff in mind before you start planning spree. When you’re planning a sleepover, make sure it starts late, so you won’t have 10 pm sleepyheads to yawn. An alternative to a sleepover is when visitors are permitted to go home before bedtime. Make sure you make it explicit in the invitation itself if that is so. What are you waiting for, then? Make your pyjama party with those fun party ideas a playful blast of fun.


Choosing to host a pajama party based on a theme can be great fun. From a Hawaiian luau to a favorite movie theme, the Hannah Montana theme, or the ever-popular teddy bear theme, you can choose from a wide variety of party themes. You can modify the decorations, the activities and even your recipes based on your chosen theme. Play the music to go with the piece, and dress up your guests for the theme.


A number of invites to a pajama party are available at your nearby mini mart. If you’d like to add a creative twist to the invitations to the party, you can use the free printable clip arts to customize those invitations to match the chosen theme or end up making them yourself. if you decide to go with toy box theme, you can add teddy bear images to your invitation, or have an offer to cutout teddy bear. The letters can also look like pillowcases, with a bit of batting to puff it up or include pyjamas graphics, sleepwear or a pillow fight. One of my favourites of all time was the invitation to the sleeping room, with the invitation shaped like a long sleeping bag, complete with a little paper doll, shaped from construction paper. It listed the details on her short paper nightgown!

Decorations For The Party

Even though a pyjama party does not require extravagant decorations like other parties, you can have the decorations that suit the theme of your party. For example, when you’re using a teddy bear theme, cutouts and pictures can be used to decorate the sleeping area as well as throw lots of filled teddy bears and pillows around to finish the picture. You can jazz up space with balloons, streamers, and cutouts.


A host of sleepy party games and activities can be planned to allow everyone to have fun during your pyjama party. For your nighttime party, you can include popular games like bingo, or scavenger hunting. Just let a good scary movie and enjoy the thrills if you’re not up for all this ‘active’ stuff. After that you can even play a game of film trivia. An excellent idea is planning a makeover night for a ‘all-girls slumber party.’ All girls can collect their cosmetics and hairbrushes, and give the much-needed makeover session to all the girls. Have a fashion show after the transformations are complete, and make sure you get loads of good time pictures together. And don’t forget the pillow battles, the good old ghost stories and the juicy gossip sessions while having all of your fun.


Go to the party food quickly and get everyone to join. Make pizza or salad and get some help in baking the cookies or cupcakes and decorating them. Get a lot of fun party foods, including cookies, pretzels, fruit and popcorn, to throw on. When it’s a sleepover, you should try out some recipes for breakfast such as pancakes cooked in all crazy shapes, eggs and Canadian bacon, with some coffee or smoothies.

So whether it’s an outdoor camp out, or night out ‘sleeping bags in the playroom,’ make sure to put some fresh ideas together for a fun time. Believe me, good memories will last a lifetime.