Best Online Virtual Birthday Party For Kids

Willing to celebrate the birthday party for your child during the lockdown? Are you worried about party place security? We are here to assist. Go for it through our awesome party experience. Your best choice could be the friendly, healthy, and engaging party scene we create online.

Troop Solutions is putting forward an unbeatable and unique Party experience for PartyMash. Throw away a party for your kids and invite your friends and family together to have a lot of fun and a great time.

How do you manage it?

It’s pretty easy and amazing. Only pick the kit, and leave us the rest. After taking some information about the birthday personality, we set up a unique website dedicated to your child’s birthday. All you have to do is give us some details and some pictures that we need.

For the party plan, invitation, gallery, and more we have on the website. To make it fun, we’ll share videos and wishes with your kid’s buddies. We create and share a pretty video during the session.

Our game organizer begins the party and handles all the technical information, which helps you to enjoy the virtual party. Added to that, you can make the party more fun by choosing from the many activities we offer, such as magicians, storytellers, guitarists, mimicry artists, and more.

When can a party be complete without giving back gifts? We have plenty of fun digital return items to choose from for this, as well.

We know every group is one of its kind. We would appreciate your ability to make the group experience personalized. Contact us and make scheduled your awesome band. What you have to do is WhatsApp us or drop a message to us.


Explore what we have in store to create a fun and special Party experience.

• Get a private video call for up to 15 guests for 30 minutes

• We make it fun with your friends and family’s customized wishes and videos

• Making it exclusive and a customized and committed website with a beautiful wall is one of its kind

• Our host/coordinator ensures that the party runs smoothly.


• Once the booking has been made, our agent will contact you immediately. We discuss Party coordination with you in advance. You can add artists and activities to make it more interesting and fun.


How will you know the details of the party?

Once your booking is complete, you are called by a coordinator of the Troop Solutions party. S / he will discuss with you all the Party elements and information.


Cancellation policy

• If the picture frame is not made, we give a 90 percent cancelation refund

• No refund or cancelation after the picture frame was laid out and printed

• Reservations made on 13 and 14 February can not be canceled, as Valentine’s Exclusive Packages

Reschedule policy

• We offer rescheduling at Zero fees if the photo frame has not been designed

• Rescheduling and inserting after the picture frame is designed and printed

• Reservations made on 13 and 14 February can not be rescheduled, as these are Valentine’s Special Packages Other facts

• The cake and bouquet can not be canceled on the same day as your experience

• If you wish to officially reschedule or cancel your reservation, please send an email as follows: For cancelation – “I want to cancel my gift, please start the cancelation process.”

For rescheduling – “Warmly reschedule my party booking to X.Y.Z date or to a later date”.

If you have a complaint, give notice to Troop Solutions within two days of the product delivery