Best International Destination Wedding Places To Consider

Destination weddings are now a thing of the ‘It.’ It all started when Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma married in Italy in 2017—followed in 2018 by another International Destination Wedding of the power couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in Lake Como, Italy. And this saga of holding a Global Destination Wedding has since become a fever. Nonetheless, making your big fat Indian wedding a foreign destination can be more difficult than you thought. Global wedding destinations have plenty to sell, from picturesque mountains to white sandy beaches to vineyards. 

Check out these fabulous International places for your destination wedding.

Destination Wedding in Antalya

Antalya has lots of wedding venues and nature features, including magnificent beaches as your wedding partner, with green forests followed by 3 summer seasons and 1 spring of the season. Here you will find the splendid Mediterranean beach, sunset as a hypnotic flame, sparkling blue sky, green pine forests and chirping flowers in every wedding picture. And with Troop Solutions & Weddings’ specialist wedding planners, you can be confident of getting the best and high-quality Turkey Weddings at Antalya (Turkey). Our wedding planners very well understand that a wedding is one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Hence we arrange your wedding in Turkey with the best wedding packages for your Destination Wedding in Antalya (Turkey) with high-quality wedding service.

Destination Wedding in Bali

Bali elaborates the concept of paradise with its diverse landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, green rice terraces, and barren volcanic landscape. Bali is truly the full package of esthetically pleasing elements that includes almost abandoned beaches, distinct communities, and mountains, rice paddies, and jungles. Bali makes the ideal venue for an unforgettable wedding destination. Bali ‘s size and geography give you versatility in choosing a suitable location for you and your guests. And then our highly qualified team of wedding planners who have the intellectual skills to prepare and handle your wedding while bringing beauty and magic elements into it. We throw you a stunningly beautiful and flawlessly planned celebration of love through your Bali wedding with imaginative and rational thought.

Destination Wedding in Bangkok

Bangkok is a paradise and one of Thailand’s most colorful cities. Because this city has a luxurious atmosphere, vibrant culture, great nightlife and more, it becomes a perfect choice for your wedding destination. The proximity of Thailand from India also becomes one of the prime advantages for an Indian wedding, if chosen for the wedding destination.

With the aid of our wedding planners, planning a Destination wedding in Bangkok would certainly make it a captivating affair to remember. As Bangkok shows outstanding hospitality, stunning sights, a hybrid blend of big city life and casual chilled out spots with fascinating food and culture make it a great destination for a super memorable wedding. Our professional wedding planners are keeping all these elements in mind and putting them in place to make your wedding unforgettable.

Destination Wedding in Dubai

Dubai is an epitome of elegance and luxury. This is an exciting choice for a wedding destination and a perfect place for a wedding in the Arabian-themed desert, lavish wedding or beach wedding. Here you can see a fusion of traditional elements of the Middle East style with contemporary global trends, not only in the architecture of the prominent buildings of Dubai but also in the variety of cuisine available. The weather is still calm and usually sunny. As a wedding destination, Dubai is an exciting choice for hosting an exuberant and elegant wedding event. This town is a feasible and comfortable place to prepare a wedding with Troop Solutions & Weddings’ destination wedding planners. Both of our professional wedding planners have a clear understanding of Indian weddings and their needs and are making the most of the opportunity they have to demonstrate their expertise.

Destination Wedding in Hongkong

Hong Kong is the true definition of a modern big city, with a luminous & strong lifestyle. This city has a population of over 6.8 million and has a lot to give for your destination wedding to anyone who wishes to experience a pulsating and vibrant culture. The wedding planners at Troop Solutions & Weddings will appeal to all your wedding planning needs, whether you’re dreaming of a traditional Chinese wedding theme or something modern. Destination Hong Kong Wedding gives you an unforgettable and truly romantic experience. Through our sheer wedding organization, you will remain awestruck for the entirety of your wedding memories.

In choosing Hong Kong as your wedding destination, you make a choice that will guarantee good memories for your life. You will arrange your wedding like a fairytale by organizing it with the aid of experienced Troop Solutions & Weddings wedding planners.

Destination Wedding in Hua Hin

With traditional and modern Thai-style hotels, Hua Hin provides a comfortable and relaxed ambiance. It would be a great option for a special wedding and this option helps you to create the wedding of your dreams, nestled in lush tropical gardens, on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand at sunrise, or an indoor party in the midst of modern Asian décor. If you’re looking forward to your wedding in Hua Hin, you’ll get both benefits from having a romantic environment and the value for money. Our wedding planners depend on consultations to explore your proposals, wedding procedures, styling, group size and budget for planning a wonderful wedding event at Hua Hin and to extract the best implementations. All wedding-related items, including food and drinks, marriage legalities, flowers, hair and makeup, entertainment, lighting, and transportation choices, can be taken care of easily by our wedding planners and you can concentrate only on the fun stuff.

Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy is a perfect choice for an elegant wedding since this country is known for its art, ancient history, top-notch cuisine and abundant wine. If you are planning your destination wedding by browsing the cities of Italy, you will need a moment to soak away in the sweet life. If you want to enjoy a romantic Gondola trip to Venice, the Amalfi Coast or Milan, all these places will last long after your lively Italian wedding. The professional wedding planners have fine knowledge to plan customized wedding activities, each uniquely tailored according to the couples. We love handling all aspects to make the wedding a magical beginning of your life-long romantic journey and are here to bring your dream to life. Let us aid and plan your perfect destination celebration!

Destination Wedding in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal, is a very popular Indian wedding destination. It is a close venue with no visa requirements or hassles and quick to get to the site. Being in the lap of mighty Himalayas, Kathmandu is scenic and has plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, not a problem.

To choose Kathmandu for a wedding at a destination means a lot of fun. Here, five and four-star establishments feature wooden carvings with precious bits of the heirloom and antiques. Such an environment brings beauty to nature’s rawness. The Wedding Designers team at Troop Solutions & Weddings will help planning and running the wedding processes smoothly. We put our best wedding organization services to allow you to have a beautiful wedding and help choose the right place for the Sangeet, Mehendi, Shaadi, Reception, and enjoy your special moments without sweating the little things.

Destination Wedding in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is located in Thailand and is known for its stunning beaches and tropical climate on the island, ideal for an exotic wedding. You’ll get constant sunshine, delicious local food and unparalleled value for your special day by choosing this spot for your wedding. Koh Samui is a picturesque location with a white-sand beach backdrop, sparkling green beaches, lush forest and swaying palms. To you and your guests, your wedding celebration will be a ride to paradise. Our wedding expert takes a look at the ideas, patterns and fashions that can help you prepare your dream wedding venue. We deliver the best solutions for anything from dresses to catering, drinks to table decorations, with an exceptional emphasis on the joys of a tropical wedding, as well as brief information on wedding planning and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Destination Wedding in Macau

Macau is also named East Las Vegas Self-styled. It is a major city in China and situated on the banks of the estuary of the Pearl River. The city has its old charm with its citadels and churches, but there’s also a modern face of Macau that makes it known as Asia ‘s stunning gambling town. Macau, a fascinating city, is also known for being Asia ‘s wealthiest city because of its booming industries, and most significantly, tourism has changed Macau ‘s destiny, and these are the key reasons for Macau ‘s success. Macau also shows many temples, churches, and fortresses influenced by Chinese and Portuguese architecture, and can be your wedding place. And if you’re planning your wedding in this city, you’ll get plenty of exotic venues to host the wedding event to make your wedding grand.

Destination Wedding in Malaysia

Malaysia is a vibrant country with dry, tropical weather and numerous festivals and events that are celebrated all year round. Malaysia can also be called a lover’s paradise, as well as being a shopper ‘s paradise. This country constitutes so many dreamy places to rejoice with your unique union.

This will be one of the best days of your career, as your wedding day. So our wedding planners are willing to go the extra mile to arrange for you the ideal wedding gathering. Creating a wedding destination in Malaysia with our team of professional wedding designers in the future would conjure up fun memories for several years.

Destination Wedding in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the Wedding destination’s most popular islands. This little gem constitutes architecture and buildings of great European style, which would bring outstanding architectural value to your wedding. Mauritius is an attractive place and not very difficult to enter. You’ll have to pay even less for your wedding here than you can at other locations in Asia or the Pacific. Even Mauritius gives you the beautiful weather all year round, while other places around the world are constantly struck by monsoonal rains and cyclones. At Troop Solutions & Weddings, the genuinely professional team of wedding planners will keep your wedding well organized and performed while throwing the Mauritian elements into event management like second to none. So be sure to check in with us for your wedding organization in Mauritius, and you’ll be happily delighted that your chosen destination will make a beautiful wedding day.

Destination Wedding in Muscat

Muscat is the capital city of Oman, situated in the Gulf of Oman, surrounded by mountains and desert. Muscat is the land of Coffee, Dates, & Sheesha, with endless blue-green seas & white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs & the finest mosques. This town also contains the qualities of beauty and sophistication. Getting a beach wedding in a city like Muscat can be a fairy tale and the perfect idea for your loved ones to spend some quality time with. This will be a long-lasting journey that will keep you mesmerized. If you are worried about the wedding plans, then relax and just leave it to Troop Solutions & Wedding’s professional team of wedding planners and concentrate on enjoying your wedding day to the full. Our wedding planners are able to create the most beautiful arrangements for a wedding.

Destination Wedding in Phuket

Phuket is a picturesque, island place for your wedding destination with stunning and wide beach resorts by the Arab Sea’s blue waters. With a year-round dry, tropical climate, Phuket is ideally suited for holding a casual wedding, beach, or resort while offering spectacular views of the ocean and garden settings. A jewel in the Andaman Sea with white-sand beaches backdrop, sparkling green oceans, lush forests and swaying palms, your Phuket wedding will be a paradise ride for you and your guests alike. Our Wedding Designers who are specialists in planning happy and unforgettable Phuket weddings. If you are planning a wedding at Phuket destination, then you can have a wedding with beautiful memories with the aid of our professional and experienced team of wedding designers.

Destination Wedding in Rayong

Rayong is a lovely seaside province situated on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is renowned for its pristine beaches extending along its coastline of 100 kilometers and its picturesque waterfalls set amidst magnificent natural surroundings. Rayong is a common option to have Destination weddings as a venue. As a team of professional wedding planners, Troop Solutions & Weddings will ensure that your big day will be as beautiful as you expected it to be. With their sharp event management skills, our professional wedding planners successfully build many precious memories for our couples. Troop Solutions & Weddings are turning each wedding into something beyond amazing and valued with a joint effort of wedding designers. The team at Troop Solutions & Wedding takes the hassle out of the wedding with a friendly & professional approach by strategic preparation, helping clients to relax and enjoy the special day.

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