Top Beach Destination Wedding Venues in India

A wedding is an experience that every couple needs to celebrate in the unique way possible, and with that in mind, today, most couples are going for weddings for the destination. Though it is still a sort of emerging idea about wedding tourism in India, it is gaining a lot of popularity due to the hell many benefits it offers to the hosts. First, in most cases all, starting from decorations and catering to logistics and transportation, is well taken care of by the professional and experienced wedding planners who give couples and their parent’s trouble-free time so that they too can have fun with other guests. Second, the exotic locations of islands, beaches and ancient forts & palaces leave the couples with lifelong memories; imagine a wedding album, straight out of a travel magazine that you and your partner will enjoy forever. Needless to say, an early honeymoon start is an added bonus. Last but not least, a wedding destination gives your guests a rejuvenating all-paid holiday along with the fun of wedding feasts. And oh! How to forget, a destination wedding also helps you to reduce the number of guests, thereby saving you from the annoying “door ke mamas” and “door ki maasis” tantrums.

And when we talk about destination weddings, beach & island weddings are something special mention is needed. India is a country blessed with numerous serene beaches and tropical islands that clearly raise to newer standards the beauty of destination weddings. Long stretches of golden sands lined with coconut palms and caressed by the sea’s turquoise-emerald waters, India’s beautiful beaches needless to say offer a great romantic ambiance to get into a nuptial knot with your going to be best halves. Though Goa tops India’s list of beach destination wedding sites, there are many more unexplored and offbeat places that will surely leave the couples with a dream-like wedding experience for their lives. So, here’s a look at some of India’s most romantic beach destinations where you can plan on getting married.


The turquoise waves of the Arab Sea, adding the touch of romance in the breeze, Goa is undoubtedly the most idyllic and favored choice when it comes to selecting the best beach wedding destination in India. Giving your wedding celebrations in Goa a kick-start by heading for a dreamy pre-wedding photoshoot against the scintillating backdrop of the setting sun or adding the touch of gothic charm to your images by posing against some stunning colonial churches and buildings – needless to say, your photos will be no less than real gems you ‘d want to cherish for your entire life. Sprinkle with your to-be life partner in the peace and serenity of the Goan beaches all day long and, when the sun goes down, get ready to bask in the sparkling party atmosphere of the place; call on all your friends and relatives to have a rocking time enjoying a sumptuous cocktail dinner under thousands of twinkling stars right over the beach. After all the fun and hullabaloo, when it comes to celebrating the most special day of your life; take those “7 vows” of love and reverence for each other against the serene backdrop of a blissful tropical scenery and you’ll definitely realize your visions of a fairy-tale wedding come true.

Needless to add, one of India’s most romantic beach wedding destinations, Goa, will always leave the newlyweds with more warmth and love for each other.

Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa, Taj Exotica, Lalit Golf & Spa Resort, Zuri White Sands, Ramada Caravela Beach Resort

Andaman & Nicobar

Have you ever dreamed of your wedding to be a peaceful and romantic beach affair with a magical atmosphere, all adorned with fresh marigolds, jasmine and seashells, right in the middle of the silver-white sand and your beautiful wife looking like a heavenly fairy dressed in a pastel-colored dress that complements the turquoise sea beautifully? If so, then the Andaman & Nicobar Islands tropical paradise, with its breathtaking natural beauty, is just the right place for you to make your dreams come true. The numerous postcard-perfect beaches of the island, cuddled between the lush rainforests, the majestic hills and the gleaming turquoise waters of the Bay of Bengal, really make this beautiful wedding venue where you could only imagine joining the wedding bliss with your soulmate; with an atmosphere so serene and air filled with vibes of love and happiness all around, exchange your vows with your beings. And if you think this is the end of your Andaman & Nicobar wedding celebrations, you ‘re totally wrong. Plan a honeymoon right on these gorgeous beaches bathing your souls in the pristine atmosphere of the place; go walking hand in hand for romantic beach strolls, marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the setting sun, or have a nice time with each other in one of the private beach cottages. And if you’re one of those adventurous types, head out to the Andamans for some scuba diving and snorkeling fun that will certainly add extra zing to your wedding cum honeymoon memories. Popular Andaman & Nicobar Beach Wedding Venues: Munjoh Ocean Resort (Havelock Island), Silver Sand Beach Resort (Havelock Island), Tango Beach Resort (Neil Island)


Gradually becoming one of India’s most sought-after wedding destinations, Kerala makes a perfect choice for those looking for an unusual wedding steeped in the utmost serenity and pristine nature elegance, off-course with a touch of ethnicity. The sun-kissed beaches of this beautiful state fringed with an intersected network of swaying palms and blazing white sands offer the ideal quixotic ambiance in which to embrace one another in a holy knot of nuptial bliss for a lifetime is truly like a dream come true for the two profoundly in love souls. And needless to say, if your wedding is more of a traditional affair, Kerala’s rustic and cultural atmosphere undoubtedly adds a magical charm to all the fun and festivities of the wedding; schedule the baraat procession of the groom sitting on a decorated elephant with panchvadyam playing in the background and entrance of the bride in a vintage palki and I am sure nothing will give you a more royal wedding. To give your beach wedding in Kerala a more romantic touch, arrange a floating mandap across the scintillating azure waters to exchange your vows; the serene backdrop of the beamish horizon will be nothing short of visual delight for your guests, and you’ll be sure to add the celestial allure to your wedding photos. Everything else? If you’re hosting a wedding in Kerala – obviously during the non-ceremonial hours, you don’t have to worry about your guests; they can keep them occupied with sightseeing, shopping, attending cultural concerts, or just relaxing by the beach; literally, there are endless choices.

Popular Kerala Beach Wedding Venues: Leela (Kovalam Beach), Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort (Alappuzha Beach), The Taj (Varkala Beach).


Pondicherry, popularly known as the ‘French East Riviera,’ is yet another of India’s most romantic wedding destinations, mostly on the destination list of couples who want to go offbeat to celebrate their most special day of life. Needless to say, with its charming mix of Tamil and French architecture and a handful of serene beaches immersed in the mystical aura of love and romance, Pondicherry offers you every single ingredient you ‘re looking for, in a dreamy wedding destination. The most memorable highlight of a wedding in Pondicherry is its stunning sunrise over the gleaming blue waters and colonial monuments & churches that lend the idyllic backdrop to couples for their pre- and post-wedding photoshoots; to add on, the early morning time is also just right to have those intimate, candid shots taken with ease as no one is around to make you aware. Now, come to the best part of a Pondicherry destination wedding-to all the beautiful brides! If you’ve ever pictured a Christian fairy-tale wedding dressed in a stunning flowing white gown walking down the aisle, Pondicherry is ‘THE’ place to make your dreams come true; with so many elegant colonial churches in the area, you can always go for a Catholic ceremony after a traditional Indian wedding rite on the beachside. And a cake cutting ceremony and a surprise candlelight dinner & cocktail with an exotic French menu for all the guests will just give a great end to your wedding extravagance in Pondicherry to spice up your celebrations further.

Famous Pondicherry Beach Wedding Venues: Le Pondy Resort, The Dune Eco Beach Hotel.


Though there are many beaches in Alibaug, the most famous and obviously, the ‘Alibaug Beach’ is the ideal choice for planning your wedding celebrations; the pristine golden sands and crystal clear azure waters under the balmy sun provide an ideal setting for organizing your haldi and chooda ceremonies. And as the sun sets, the dark sky with thousands of flashing stars only doubles all the fun and excitement of your pre-wedding evening functions, whether it’s an open-air cocktail party, a lively Mehndi ceremony or a Sangeet night of foot-thumping. Alibaug ‘s true magic comes alive when the setting sun’s rays scatter their golden-crimson shades over the beach and the historic Kolaba Fort just a few meters away; this scintillating backdrop, needless to say, offers the ideal fairy-tale atmosphere were saying “I DO” to your going to be better half, seems nothing less than a divine blessing. And yes, your wedding at Alibaug is certainly an unforgettable experience for your guests; the comfortable and laid-back vibes with beautiful beaches and green hills give them a lovely holiday they’ll undoubtedly enjoy for their lifetime.

Famous beach wedding venues in Alibaug: Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Prakruti Resorts, U Tropicana Beach Hotel.


The tropical islands of Lakshadweep are yet another of India’s best places to a beach wedding. Offering a serene paradise of soft beaches, gentle waves, blue skies and brilliant sunlight, the islands are truly proud to bestow upon couples the best gift of their lives, a happy marriage on the seaside. And yes, with stringent entry restrictions and lack of opulent venues that can host only a few guests at a time, your Lakshadweep wedding has to be an intimate affair, ideal for couples seeking wedding fun only among their close relatives and friends. Although imagining a wedding in Lakshadweep promises to be no less than a dreamy affair, being an offbeat place on the island, it has its own challenges to arrange for decorators, caterers and manage all logistics. Now is the time to come to your rescue wedding planners and event organizers; to recruit a professional wedding planner and hand him over all the responsibilities. To make your special day even more memorable, Troop Solutions even provides wedding planning services; if you wish, you can always book with us and let us handle all the arrangements. Also, if you are a foreign national planning a visit/wedding in Lakshadweep, you must be told that special restrictions apply and you must take prior permits from the authorities concerned.

Popular Lakshadweep Beach Wedding Venues: Kadmat Island Beach Resort, Agatti Island Beach Resort, Bangaram Island Resort

Daman & Diu

None can be more glamorous and romantic than getting married in the midst of the celestial beauty of the twin islands of Daman & Diu, situated on India’s west coast and fringed with calm Arab Sea waters. The ideal postcard beauty of these tropical islands draws not only Indians but also foreign couples from far-flung regions thronging here. Although the unreal beach setting of the islands is teeming with golden beaches, coconut groves and laid-back atmosphere, here is the big draw for couples; adding the touch of magic to all wedding fun and festivities is its old-world charm dotted with majestic forts and stunning Portuguese-era cathedrals. Needless to say, the serene background of the fascinating colonial architecture provides the ideal environment for taking out your heart ‘s secret love-coated feelings, making you fall in love with your partner again. Take your first steps together at such a blissful place to solemnize your marriage under the open sky with soft wet sand under your feet, inspiring the tingling passion within. And as you expose yourself in the quixotic atmosphere of the venue, loving every bit of your dream beach wedding, your guests always have an unforgettable time, whether attending wedding ceremonies or having lovely wedding tours, sightseeing and shopping during the non-ceremonial hours. Everything else? Depending on your personal preference, you can always add the little adventurous dimension of lion and deer safaris to your celebrations before or after the ‘big day.’ And there’s also something for food junkies-Daman & Diu ‘s exotic delightful cuisine will definitely leave your guests with a memorable gastronomic experience. Drinks come with food! Not to be overlooked, being a union territory, here hard drinks are very cheap and can easily become part of the special wedding menu, too, without burning a big hole in your pockets.

Famous Daman & Diu Beach Wedding Venues: Sugati Beach Resort (Diu), The Deltin Hotel (Daman).


Located in the beautiful Karnataka state, kissed in the west by the Arabian Sea and caressed in the east by the Western Ghats, Mangalore certainly grows as one of the top options for couples looking for an affordable beach wedding venue in South India. Although this small coastal town takes care of your wallet, it still maintains its picturesque charm of a destination wedding location and leaves you and your guests with some lovely moments spent together, laughing and mingling with each other – after all, a marriage is not just about bringing two souls together, but also about building a tight bond between two families for the lifestyle. Needless to say, Mangalore weddings are nothing short of dreamy and quite a romantic affair. The beaches’ breathtaking elegance fringed with crystal clear waters and soft silver-white sand makes it perfectly appropriate to say “I do” to your special one. And the unreal magnificence of the setting sun in the background only gives the celestial touch to the holy atmosphere the reverberates with Vedic hymn chants and musical instrument sounds. Now come to the best part, particularly for the guests, of any marriage celebrations! The mouth-watering food; being a coastal town, Mangalore offers some delicious and rich seafood delicacies that will surely bring a smile to everybody. Do treat your guests with one of the best culinary journeys of their life during your wedding in Mangalore; arranging live counters serving the fresh sea catch will certainly be an icing on the cake.

Famous beach wedding venues in Mangalore: Vazcos Beach House, Summer Sands Beach Resort.


The temple town of Mahabalipuram near Chennai certainly proves to be an ideal choice for those looking for a beach wedding destination venue in India that stands special and just off the box in terms of a wedding spot. Deeply rooted in rich history and heritage, the place is stored alongside the beachside with many 5-star luxury resorts and mid-budget hotels & private cottages, enabling hosts to prepare easily for all their wedding functions. This historic city’s exquisite ancient art & architecture is by far its USP that leaves couples with a special and enchanting fairy-tale wedding experience; needless to say, with the backdrop of the spectacularly lit ‘Shore Temple’ caressed by the roaring waves of the Bay of Bengal, as the two souls celebrate their union by circumambulating the sacred fire in the canopy of millions of people. And just as the wedding in Mahabalipuram proves to be a beautiful and exotic experience for couples, it is also a joy for wedding photographers who are given a rare opportunity to click on some of their lifetime ‘s finest wedding photos. For your guests, they too are guaranteed to have a fun time here during your wedding; in addition to traditions and ceremonies, a variety of outdoor activities such as beach ATV trips, windsurfing and diving will keep them occupied during the festivities.

Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort, Vivanta by Taj-Fisherman ‘s Cove, Chariot Beach Resort, Country Club Jade Beach Resort, Ideal Beach Resort.


A tiny seaside town nestled on the picturesque Coromandal Coast in Tamil Nadu, Tranquebar is yet another perfect wedding destination for those seeking a peaceful beachside environment to tie the nuptial knot too, keeping it a small and easy gathering without any over-the-top guest list. Needless to say, with this picturesque little town atmosphere so serene that it appears to be kissed by the sounds of the gentle waves and the gently flowing sea breeze, it seems nothing less than a dreamy affair to exchange those seven vows here; choose rose petal showers as you exchange the garlands or go for a spectacular fireworks display right across the beach, every little elemental touch will be advertised. Speaking of the destination wedding venue of Tranquebar, it has only one, the 17th-century old ‘Bungalow on the Beach’ owned by the Hotels company Neemrana. Located just across the street from the beach, the heritage property boasts stunning expansive lawns overlooking the azure shore, just right for setting up your wedding mandap and whether you’re planning an after-wedding party or a pre-wedding drink, the poolside decor makes it even better.

Speaking of the destination wedding venue of Tranquebar, it has only one, the 17th-century old ‘Bungalow on the Beach’ owned by the Hotels company Neemrana. Located just across the street from the beach, the heritage property boasts stunning expansive lawns overlooking the azure shore, just right for setting up your wedding mandap and whether you’re planning an after-wedding party or a pre-wedding drink, the poolside decor makes it even better. Anything else, make sure you check the weather conditions of your chosen destination on that specific day before finalizing the wedding date. Also, do the contingency plan research to save you from last-minute weather problems. Remember, once in a lifetime; your wedding day comes, make it as unique and unforgettable as possible! And the Troop Solutions team is always at your side for any assistance in wedding planning; please contact us for more information on wedding packages.

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