Princess Party Ideas for Girls Birthday Party

There are several different ways to approach princess party ideas for a son’s birthday or tea party, ranging from standard Disney characters like Cinderella, Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine, or the Sword Tiana from The Princess and the Frog to more comical ones like Shrek’s Princess Fiona. Not to mention maybe the most famous, from Frozen, Anna and Elsa. No wonder which type of princess is your child’s favorite, all princesses have plenty of familiar imagery.

 So, below are lots of universal princess party ideas that you can always tailor to a particular Disney character. I still think it’s better to create your princess party theme rather than rely too heavily on Disney-branded merchandise—a few little touches are excellent, but you don’t want your birthday/tea party to look like an advertisement a film.


You can pick up plastic tiara’s and wands cheaply nowadays, so I would suggest sending these out as a 3D invitation. It’s sure to get people excited about your princess party ideas. Plus, the guests can wear the tiaras to your tea party.

Tie this cute princess dress printable invitation onto the tiara/wand to communicate all the party details. When you’re sending out a 3D request, you can get away with using a printable invitation because the main focus is on the 3D object anyway.

If you want to make these even more unique, lay them on some pink tissue paper in one of these decorative box mailers and tie up with ribbon. You can always hand these out on the school run to save posting.



Tea parties are synonymous with princess party ideas, so you might want to serve the drinks in some old fashioned teacups with saucers. You probably don’t want to serve regular tea, but some excellent fruit-flavored ice teas like those from Snapple make flavors such as peach, raspberry, and lemon tea. Just remember these still contain caffeine, although they do make a caffeine-free Pomegranate Raspberry Red Tea, which is probably the best option.

Even if you don’t serve fruit tea, present your drinks in teacups. These clear glass teacup and saucer sets are cheap and would look great when filled with pink-colored beverages.

For younger kids, there are these plastic teacup sippers. You can always take the screw top and big bendy straw off and replace it with a regular straw to make them look more delicate. Alternatively, you can pick up these cute Disney princess themed bottles


Alternatively, make all your drinks pink by serving things like pink lemonade. This looks great in a big serving jug or punchbowl with just some simple lemon or lime slices as garnish 

You can still let them drink this out of teacups with saucers, so they feel more like a princess. Alternatively, these princess bottles tie in nicely with these princess party ideas.



For princess party food, you could look to the English tradition of ‘Afternoon Tea’ for inspiration. Little princesses will love this as everything is so delicate and lady-like. Traditionally, afternoon tea comes served in teapots with teacups and saucers alongside bite-sized sandwiches cut into small triangles with the crusts removed. Traditional English fillings are cucumber (but you could add cream cheese for children), egg and cress (substitute with egg mayo for kids), ham, or smoked salmon. All the sandwiches are usually presented on a tiered cake stand accompanied by a selection of small cakes or scones with jam and Devonshire (clotted) cream.


If you want to make the sandwiches a little less formal, use cookie cutters to shape them into crowns, castles, princess dresses, and glass slippers to turn them into princess party food 


Of course, you can also use the cookie cutters to create any number of different princess-themed cookies. There are cookie cutters for individual princess faces, such as this Elsa from Frozen cutter, or if you’re not a baker, you can buy all sorts of ready-made princess cookies—I particularly like these Disney princess dress cookies (below right). 


Remember, in addition to using these cutters for sandwiches and cookies, you can also use them on slices of cheese or fruits, such as watermelon. You can even take a similar approach to shape mini pizzas, such as these crown-shaped pizzas


These ‘Rapunzel’s Braids’ by Susie of what do i know of Holy? are creative. They’re puff pastry with jelly brushed on them, which are then braided and baked. Alternatively, you could make these adorable Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes (below right, by Robin at Bird on a Cake). The cake is baked inside the ice cream cups. Or for a healthy option, check out these ingenious ‘Cinderella’s Pumpkins’ by Rebecca from Daily Rebecca. She uses little bits of celery stuffed into tangerines. So clever!



Hanging tissue paper garlands vertically is a great way to create a delicate backdrop for a princess themed dessert table (see pictures below from Martha Stewart Weddings for inspiration).

When using tissue garlands for a backdrop, they look best when there are many, so have some overlapping or curled up towards the sides. Use several different types of crowns to give the arrangement plenty of texture. In the illustration above, I’ve used a mixture of arcade garlands (below top), leaf garlands (below middle), and paper tissue garlands (below bottom) in a mix of lavender, white and classic pink. To avoid a candy stripe appearance, be sure to use a mixture of 3 different colors, rather than just 2.


I’d suggest using a lavender table cover with a matching table skirt (below left) to dress your table. Then pick up some lavender tulle by the yard and lay this over the table skirt to create texture. Then add some pink feather boa trim (below right) – also available by the yard – around the tabletop’s perimeter. You could even reverse these colors if you prefer pink to be your primary color.

You could also arrange some white string lights (the type used to dress a Christmas tree) between the table skirt and the tulle to add some sparkle.


These life-size Disney Princess stand-ups are a great way to help decorate the dessert table. I’ve used 2 in the illustration above, but you could get away with just using one. The great thing about these is that you can use them as a photo op too, so the kids can have their picture taken with their favorite princess.