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Looking to throw a theme party to fascinate you, with the right mix of decorations, sets, ambiance, costumes and other party accessories that without wasting evenings and weekends browsing the internet for party theme too?

Specializing in coordinating fantastic social & corporate activities, Troop Solutions is also engaged in having the ideal concept exotic ‘Theme Party.’

As theme parties should be coordinated in keeping with the predetermined agenda and definition. Our event management companies are well known for mastering merriment inclusion in the event.

Our team provides a qualitative and innovative ‘Best Theme Party’ service with immense manufacturing expertise and know-how.

Rock your Party With ‘Perfect Theme’

Party planner at Troop Solutions offers an assortment of additional party themes, which include the latest trend themes and other personalized themes according to customer preference.

Troop Solutions Renders Exotic Theme Party


These days theme parties are becoming very popular. If you’re planning a party and want to do something special, to impress your guests, then the best idea for you is a theme party. What you will do is come up with a special and fun concept for the theme that will make your party happen more. Deciding a theme for your party is very easy. You can select as a theme any color, a mixture of colors, animals, various lifestyles, different religions, or any age. Only make sure you tell your guests a few days before the party, so they can plan for the appropriate outfits. Kids and adults alike love theme parties, which are a perfect way to hang out and relax with family and friends.

The theme party will also demonstrate your imagination as you can dress up according to the specific theme as appropriate. Instead, seeing your friends and family members in a new look is also enjoyable. Remember that your party’s main purpose is to have a fun time with your guests, so pick a theme that everyone likes. If it’s a family gathering, where children will also be taking part, then extra consideration is required to pick a theme.


You’ve come to the right spot if you’re planning a birthday party. Here you can find birthday party ideas for girls, ideas for party games, free printable invitation, ideas to decorate and so much more. We cover ideas for the new and most famous birthday party theme. Our tips include how to decorate each theme, ideas for the menu and free invitations for printability. A birthday party is an extraordinary day for everybody and it has to be an extraordinary day because it comes once in a year. Today is the day that takes us one step further into another life journey.

Birthdays are the best time to have a fun and enjoyable time with friends and relatives and we gain more knowledge and wisdom in each passing year.


We get a lot of questions from visitors to our site about anniversary parties and celebrations, so we’ve created these pages to discuss the particular area of wedding anniversary parties and the etiquette that applies &. The first thing we always suggest is how you celebrate an anniversary is very dependent on the couple and the family circle to which they belong, for example, if the couple typically has casual celebrations, so they don’t plan a celebration that is full of pomp and circumstance, they’re likely to feel awkward and not enjoy it as they should. Anniversary parties are special occasions, not only bringing back all the memories of the special day of the couple, but they are also a celebration of the continuing commitment to each other with the chance for friends and partnerships to join in and display their love and support.


New Year means the old year is gone and we’re going to reach a new day and it’s going to give you a lot of joy and productive life. New Year is the best time for family members and friends as they meet one another and newly start a new future. Everybody needs to embark on a whole new year in the land of peace and harmony. Fun movies and Music Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. helps you organize New Year parties in your life that will give enthusiasm and excitement and spice. We are known in Delhi, India, for being the best party planners. According to the budgets, we deliver the best ideas and quality facilities. As we know, that party is the most important resource for social life; we coordinate parties with preparation. We’re also offering new ideas for parties; we’re planning cruise parties that’s very special and different because it’s going to be fun and it’s very traditional and classic, away from a jam-packed apart from you can throw your own party. A party doesn’t mean partying in bars and dancing and cramming yourself, so we’ll get the best inspiring ideas.


Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays and this time of year people wait impatiently. It’s full of fun, presents, carols, spreading the fragrance of fresh pine trees and the baked cookie aroma, cakes! Christmas brings love and gratitude to those nearest and near to you. For those anxious enthusiasts, it’s time to get ready because Christmas is just around the corner and the time has come to be with your loved ones and to make these moments more appreciated, all you need is someone with experience in this area, who will take care of every detail, without any faults and Fun Films & Music Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Is the king of party planning and event management who can arrange a perfect Christmas party just as you imagined it. We bring to this exciting day a superior way and source of cheerfulness and tranquility!


Kids Party should be packed with fun and happiness and Fun Films party planning team gives kids parties complete attention. For an unforgettable experience that is stress-free and fun-filled, depend on us to mix and match creative ideas with a fresh perspective and modern approach to produce these impressive results and provide you with stirring memorabilia, along with moments frozen in time to enjoy forever. With various unheard of designs, never before decoration, strikingly and shockingly new get-ups that will leave you amazed with awe, we make children and adults alike appreciate the truly exciting experience, waiting for you to unravel and appreciate the true meaning of a party, with innocent children adding fun to your otherwise normal life, with their thrilling and humorous feelings, gestures, activities


The right music and a good DJ will bring success to any case. You need music to set the mood and hot sounds to get people to dance if you’re planning a party.

We will provide disco jockeys for our clients for various events such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and others. Our DJ’s have a fantastic sense of music and can blend music from various rhythms making the numbers a lot more foot-tapping and elegant. In addition, the jockeys make use of the new mixers, amplifiers, speakers and other discotheque instruments to ensure brilliant sound quality.

List of theme parties:-

  • Bollywood Theme Party
  • Pirates Theme Party
  • Pirate Theme Party
  • Casino Theme Party
  • Horror Theme Party
  • Music Theme Party
  • Jungle Theme Party
  • Arabian Theme Party
  • Monopoly-style party
  • Salsa Theme Party
  • Tropical Theme Party
  • Horror Theme Party
  • Voodoo Theme Party
  • Thriller-Horror Party
  • Greek Theme Party
  • Underwater Theme Party
  • Thriller-Horror Party
  • Football Theme Party
  • Titanic Theme Party
  • Salsa Theme Party
  • Fetish Theme Party
  • French Theme Party
  • Atlantis Theme Party
  • Hogmanay party
  • Crystel Theme Party
  • 1930’3 Theme Party
  • Colours Theme Party
  • Magic Theme Party
  • Royale Theme Party
  • Direst Theme Party
  • Octoberfest Theme Party
  • Millennium Theme Party
  • Punjabi Theme Party
  • Mardi Gras Theme Party
  • Mad Hatters Theme Party
  • James Bond Theme Party
  • Out of Africa Theme Party
  • Prohibition Theme Party
  • Fire and Ice Theme Party
  • Mughal Theme Party
  • Bombay dreams Theme Party
  • Gujrati Theme Party
  • Roman or Greek Theme Party
  • Halloween Theme Party
  • Redcarpet Theme Party
  • Hippy Dhoom Theme Party
  • Hippy Dhoom Theme Party
  • Rajasthani Theme Party
  • 1000 years Theme Party
  • Cadillac Diner Theme Party
  • American Diner Theme Party
  • Burns Night Theme Party
  • African-treetops style party
  • Black and White
  • Theme Party
  • Patriotic Theme Party
  • Hollywood Theme Party
  • Casino Theme Party
  • Retro Theme Party
  • Fiesta Theme Party
  • Helloween Theme Party
  • Safari Theme Party
  • Western Theme Party
  • Rock Star Theme Party
  • Summer Theme Party
  • Fall Theme Party
  • Winter Wonderland Theme
  • Spring Theme Party
  • Princess Theme Party
  • Pirate Theme Party
  • Camouflage Theme Party

Consultation for Theme Party

The event professionals also help the customer understand the crowd and schedule an entertaining and sporting theme party according to the needs of occasion, season, guests and the host.

Our experts not only help you pick the theme but also help you get the right location to support the theme and the ambiance. So if you’re planning a big B’ day bash, wedding, or some other gala event, we’re going to help you save money and make you the most exciting venue. Troop Solutions brings a genuine flavor to your case.

When it comes to design, if you’re planning something even bigger and bigger like ice sculptures, big props and a beautiful stage, etc., our creative team is experienced in creating a great theme and environment that suits your budget too well.

How We Can Help

Troop Solutions is an award winning group having its presence globally. With over 20 years of experience the group is based in Delhi. We believe in assisting our client in such a way to provide 100% satisfaction. He have already handled more than 100 projects at national as well as international level. We are a team of smart and experience peoples who provide cost-effective, on time delivery and efficient solutions to the clients. Here are the services we offer:

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