Learn About Event Management

Learn About Event Management- What is an event management and how to make a career in it Event industry is a field matched with artistic and creative thinking. Event management is a mixed form of marketing which is full of excitement and thrill.

This is an amazing field; it has visualization, creativity planning, excitement when you manage it. It is a new age career. We all know that the trend of social icing is increasing and all the events are being managed by the event management companies.

About the work Event Management

The task of event management is to perform tasks with different methods with complete accuracy and at the right time, which handles this task according to the client at a given time and without any budget, the same is called the most successful event manager. The pressure of time always remains, there is a slight difference between the quality and even after everything is fine, there is a scope for reduction, the nature of this work is such that there is a big fine line between likes and dislikes. Before organizing the event, there is a lot of clamor for the celebrity about the budget, when you are new, but this is an essential part of this task, which gives both comfort and money on completion of the work.

About Qualification Details for Event Management

If you are 12th pass, then you can do a degree or diploma in event management, different types of qualities are required in the work of event management and they are constantly improving as they work. Whether it is leadership quality or marketing skills or PR scale, risk management skin, all these skills are used in it and there is also continuous improvement in the person who wants to get involved with event management. He should know what the skills that are required in event management and without which it can be a sensible decision to use are.

About Courses for Events Management

The courses of event management are as follows – Advanced Diploma in Event Management, Diploma in Event Management, PG Diploma in Event Management, PG Diploma in Event Management and PR, PG Diploma in Event Management and Activation. Skills Event Branding Event Planning & Casting Production & Technique Set Design Media Management Public Relations & Marketing Sponsorship Celebrity & Artist Management etc.

Occasion Where for Events Management

The sooner you understand the work of event management, the more you will be able to achieve it. The most important thing in this is to satisfy the client. You can start from executive to manager and become a manager. Event Management Company Production Media House Corporate House, you will be in demand as well as you can open your own event management company.

How to Become an Event Manager

Whatever be the event, but glamor, charm and style is the first demand of every event today. Whether a function at home or an office party, wedding season or get-together, an event manager works to properly organize every event, if you too like to handle such programs, then you should also make your hobby your career and become an event manager. How? Let’s know.

What do Event Managers do?

Event managers organize professional, personal and focused events, which include marriage celebrations, theme parties, corporate meetings, seminars, exhibitions, fashion and celebrity shows, musical concerts, product launching, film award functions and more.

Educational Qualifications

To make a career in this field, it is very important to have a twelfth pass. After class XII, you can study further in this field.

What are the Courses?

  • Diploma in Event Management,
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management,
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations.

Individual Characteristics

It is very important to have good imagery, better budgeting, knowledge, ability to work longer, perfect planning, good communication skills, presentation skills, leadership quality, good public relations, marketing and business.

Best Institutes for Event Management

  • Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi.
  • Indian Institute of Event Management, Mumbai.
  • Indian Institute of Management, New Delhi.
  • International Center for Investment Management, New Delhi.
  • National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai.
  • Academy of Animation Art & Technology, Kolkata.
  • Institute of Educational Leadership, Uttaranchal, Dehradun.
  • Ajmer Institute of Media Studies, Bareilly.
  • Academy of Broadcasting, Chandigarh.

Job Prospects

There is a demand for perfection in this profession.

You can work as an event manager or consultant in an event management company.

By joining television shows and ad world, they can work for their product.

According to your experience, you can also start your own event management company. Which is important.

Selling skills means the ability to handle new clients.

Creative skill of event designing.

Accounting Knowledge.

The art of logistic control.

Risk Management Skills.
Future of the region
Glamor that connects every region and event day by day will increase the demand for event management companies in the future.
In addition to the regular monthly salary in this area, salary is also given per event. After completing the management course, freshers’ income is 500 to 1,000 rupees per day. With your experience and creativity, you can earn 8,000 to 10,000 rupees per event. There is also an income of Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh per event with much experience in this field.

Event Management: A Fastest Emerging Career
We keep reading the news of big events on the day. Organizing such grand events is called event management. Those who work hard behind the success of these events are called event managers.
Event managers manage the smooth running of every event, every stop, from start to finish. Event management includes programs like fashion shows, concerts, wedding ceremonies, theme parties, exhibitions, corporate seminars, product launching, and film premieres.

This sector is a high profile of the advertising and marketing world. Currently, event management is emerging as a fast emerging career in the field of mass communication. Given the increasing number of events, it is but natural to say that event management is one of the popular career options.
Currently, there are more than 300 event management companies operating in India. At present, the business of event management is said to grow at a rate of 60 percent in the entire country. Earlier, the demand for event management was limited to corporate events only, but now it is being taken help from a birthday party to big events.

After the popularization of event management, even in small cities, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for experienced people. Event management is the career of today’s era. Its scope is currently limited to big cities and big events, but it is a fast emerging career as various companies organize big parties, exhibitions, meetings, etc. before launching their new products in the market.
Event management companies are also responsible for organizing award distribution ceremonies, national-international conferences, beauty contests, premiere shows of films, stage shows, big weddings. Event management companies collect all the information related to their events from their clients. For example, the purpose of the event, the type, number of visitors, estimated budget, etc.
After taking detailed information of the event, the event management companies prepare some blueprints of the event and place it in front of the organizer. Important in this is the venue and estimated expenses. This template is made, keeping in mind several options.
Event management does not require any special qualifications. Only efficient management capability and networking skills can make you successful in this field. Graduates with public relations and management skills can join. Many institutes offering event management courses offer a variety of advanced diplomas, part-time courses, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
Educational qualification for degree and diploma courses in event management is to be passed twelfth with any discipline, while graduation is required for the PG diploma course. Students wishing to pursue a career in this field should have a good grasp on the English language. Therefore, the youth who have good reasoning, knowledge of the language, attractive personality, and presentation, ability to lead, ability to manage creativity, experimental thinking, behavior efficient personality, they can move forward by training in this field.
Contact area and contact information are required to enter the field of event management. The more contacts there are, the greater the chance of working. Efficient communication capability, operational efficiency and ability to deal with potential challenges make any event manager popular. Two branches are usually taught in event management courses. First, logistic management teaches how to manage the venue, celebrations, audience and program promotion, etc. Secondly, marketing, in these various media, is taught to promote the event and manage the organizers.
Postgraduate courses in event management also impart training related to event marketing, public relations and sponsorship, co-ordination, planning, team relations, rules related to team management and accounting. During the course of event management, there is also a golden opportunity to work for big celebrations like film award ceremony, fashion show, exhibition and corporate events.
After getting a good experience in an event management company, if you want, you can also open your own event management company. If you want, you can also be appointed in PR and Advertising Agencies at a good salary. This field may be challenging, but it has very good earnings. Given the way the field of event management is expanding, it cannot be denied that there are plenty of career opportunities for trained candidates.
This is an area in which there is no fixed wage limit. The basis of determining the remuneration depends on the success of the ceremony, the budget and grandeur of the ceremony. With your ability, you can touch the height in this area.

Do course from here

  • Jamia Millia Islamia, Mass Communication Research Center, New Delhi. – Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, New Delhi.
  • International Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.
  • University of Pune, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Journalism and Communication, Model Colony, Pune.
  • St. Xavier’s College of Communication, Marine Lines, Mumbai. – International Institute of Event Management, Mumbai.