If you have kids who seem to get into monkey business whenever you turn around, then this Jungle Party may be the perfect birthday theme for your household. Let that gang go wild! And while the guests do not literally swing from the decorative vines like Tarzan, our Jungle Party pieces do turn your party room into a lush, tropical green jungle! Jaguars and Geckos and Toucans, OH MY!

 Browse through all of our Jungle Party Supplies to find every element you need to turn a party into an adventure. Gathering up your entire safari buddies and have a wild time!

Invitations – Wind Guests Up for a Wild Time

Invite fellow jungle travelers on your journey in a unique way. Print party details on a simple tag and attach to Jungle Animal Wind Ups with Hemp Twine. Package in small boxes for mailing or hand deliver.

 No matter how you announce the party there are plenty of creative ways to tie in the Jungle theme.

· Animal prints, flower prints, and maybe even some mystery footprints, are sure to entice your invitees.

· Make your invitation exciting with a shape like a jungle flower you have to open, or a banana to unpeel.

· Send your guests a ticket to join on a jungle safari.

· Show the jungle inspiration on the invite with greens, browns, and blacks. Incorporate some bright pops of colorful elements on the invitation to make the details stand out.

· Use burlap and animal print for a more jungle safari look.

· Inexpensive animal masks make fantastic invitations! Simply attach a tag with the party details to the mask.

Decorations – Indigenous Flora and Fauna

Create the feeling of a remote tropical oasis by filling your party space with plenty of flora and fauna.

· Flank the space with a pair of Jointed Palm Trees. Top with a Natural Grass Mini Table Skirt awning for that added jungle touch.

· Go wild with a bamboo sign. Start by lashing bamboo garden stakes together to create a frame. Back with burlap and top with large sticker letters. Add Hibiscus Hair Clips for pops of textural color.

· Apply butterfly and toucan Giant Jungle Wall Decals to poster board and trim around edges. Hang with monofilament for that “in flight” affect.

· To create volumes of vines, cut Green Plastic Tablecloths into strips and pull along edges to “ruffle”. Twist brown mailing paper into rope-like vines and intermix with the green ones. Adhere large paper leaves for even more layers of vegetation and texture.

· Bring your tike torches indoors with DIY cardboard, construction paper versions on bamboo stakes.

· Use silhouettes of animals, or footprints of animal, to put on walls and around the home. Think elephant, cheetah, zebra, monkey, and rhino.

· Use stuffed or inflatable animals to stick in the vines.

Adding a pair of these “faux palm trees” to the table top brings the forest canopy to eye level. Construct them by simply inserting a fake fern stem into the top of a Natural Bamboo Mini Tabletop Torch(TIP: remove the candle holder to be able to insert the stem further.)

We made a photo-worthy backdrop by hanging crepe paper strands in kiwi, festive green and brown using our jungle party color palette of greens with bursts of purple, gold and brown. We then put the look together with balls of honeycomb and pom-poms of tissue paper in kiwi, orange and gold to add color and texture.

Let’s not ignore the animals at the party! Inflatable animals make great photo props for your guests and their handmade party hats give a much more approachable look to a potentially ferocious friend. We used scrapbook paper topped with a hot glued pom-pom to build their hats.

Use balloons in the color scheme of the party to add both height and a festive feel to the decor of your party.

Jungle Buffet – Equipment Requirements

A well-equipped traveler is a happy traveler so gear guests up with these fun pieces.

 · Stand Jungle Party Dinner and Dessert Plates in a wood crate for easy access.

· Wrap Lime Plastic Cutlery in Green Chevron Napkin then tie with Hemp Twine. Add a Hibiscus Hair Clip for color and softness (TIP: clip can be gifted at the end of the party as a bonus favor.)

·        Pile Mini Green Canteens in a bucket for guests to grab and fill when thirst beckons.

Jungle Buffet – Provisions

The forest is full of fantastic and also nutritious foods! Offer travelers a variety of suitable provisions for the jungle. Giving each object a funny name strengthens the theme and deepens immersion in the jungle.

· Use your jungle theme to create a beautiful fruit/veggie tray.

· Have a few different gummy candy areas for kids to make their own gummy jungle.

· The perfect cake for a jungle party is definitely a dirt cake. Individual dirt cakes make for stress-free serving. The kids can decorate their own dirt cake.

· Banana leaves, available at local markets, are a fantastic way to display foods, like chicken strips or other proteins.

· Animal crackers are a fantastic snack and fit in perfectly with the theme.

· Make a kid-friendly jungle juice with fruits and juice. Take a simple juice and dress it up with chopped fruits.

Jungle Activities – Exciting Expeditions

Give little adventurers an opportunity to explore on an imaginative adventure. Transform colorful sheets of paper and tablecloths of plastic into adorable (and earth friendly) parrots. Simple forms glued together and embellished with colorful stripes make it easy enough for small hands to build.

 A jungle theme party has tons of opportunities for fun when it comes to games. You can make many games jungle theme with just a little creative thinking.

· A jungle-themed game of Headbands with animals as the characters

· Pin the tail on the monkey! Or change this game to fit your child’s favorite jungle animal.

· Get some fake coconuts and make a bowling lane in your hallway (or outside) to knock over plastic or inflatable jungle animals.

· Have a safari or a jungle scavenger hunt with treasures for the kids as they find their way through the jungle to their goal.

· Play a game of Jungle bingo

· Kids love dressing up for parties and a jungle theme is no different. You can even help kids make their own costumes at the party.

· Make your own safari hats with paper plates, bowls, and twine pre-paint the bowls/plates and have them cut out beforehand. You can easily decorate these with jungle theme stickers

· Make safari vests out of felt or butcher paper

· Make binoculars out of toilet paper/paper towel rolls

Favors – Treasures and Souvenirs

A Jungle Party Favor Box gift guests stuffed with treasures and trinkets to remind them of their wild adventure. Black binoculars and a Compass Whistle are functional and fun. Sweeten it up with a bag of coconut cookies and top it all off with a Pith Helmet tube, sure to be worn on any and all subsequent jungle journeys.

Looking for even more favor ideas?

· Purchase jungle-colored jelly beans or gummy candies to put in a bag for an easy take-home favor.

· Jungle animal toys can be glued to a baby food lid to make a great candy container favor.

· Give a safari hat as a party favor. Simply attach a personalized thank you tag, and you’re good to go.

· Colorful cookies decorated like safari animals make a favors almost too cute to eat!

· Give your guests a favor that helps them transform into wild beasts with an animal mask or headband with animal ears.