Wedding Shopping Trousseau Bridal Trousseau Checklist That Every Bride Must Consider!

All set to marry but still concerned about your bridal trousseau? Okay, this bridal trousseau checklist will help you to answer all the questions that are coming up right now in your mind. Bridal trousseau should be given utmost priority as after your wedding this will be your saviour. We know how hectic a bridal trousseau gets to be packed, but don’t worry we’ve sorted this for you.

Remember these points because they will definitely help you packing up your bridal trousseau. Just tick the points as soon as you have them done. Now sit back and relax while we give you a bridal trousseau checklist of simple guidelines.

Pin Down These Bridal Trousseau Checklist Points While Preparing Yours:

1. Stunning Indian Wear

Upon your wedding you will of course need a lot of Indian wear because you will have to attend family dinners and functions. So stock up on some beautiful sarees and suits to look fabulous.

2. Not To Forget Gorgeous Indo-Western Outfits

With some stunning Indo-Western dresses, you can absolutely refurbish your bridal trousseau and fill your wardrobe with fresh, exciting colours, silhouettes and designs.

3. Mind Blowing Jewellery Pieces

How about keeping some beautiful kundan and polki jewellery that suits your outfits well? Really these things are important and help you to complete your bridal look.

4. Comfy Clothes 

Sure, heavy Indian wear is a must-have but don’t forget to keep comfortable clothes like denims, dresses and more. These are really important too.

5. Lingerie – Bridal Trousseau Checklist

You have to have a variety of lingerie, from traditional to simple. Get classy swimwears for your honeymoon, which you’ll definitely need.

6. Makeup Kit

You should have a proper makeup kit packed for all the things you need. Usually girls forget to keep those pads of cotton but trust us, they are very important.

7. Bags And Heels

Absent any beautiful bags and shoes this bridal trousseau checklist will be incomplete. You have to have a proper tote collection, slings, and clutches. Don’t forget to pair your dress with beautiful footwear.

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8. Perfumes 

Okay, do not forget to bring perfumes at all. They might sound tiny but you’ll still need them. It would be awesome if you could get a pack or something to store in.

9. Bridal Robes

No one will ever tell you this, but for your trousseau bridal robes are of great importance. You can even have it made so you can’t even think about losing out on it.

10. Night Wear

Last but not least, you’ve got to carry enough night wear and if you have sets of them, it’ll be great. Trust us, this will all be a great help to you. We hope you’ll find this checklist for the bridal trousseau when packing yours. You will later thank us for figuring this out. Don’t forget to keep all of these and make sure to double check. Fairies of Troop Solutions love to support brides-to-be, and will always be at your side. You think something we miss out on? Using the comment section below to let us know.

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