Cinderella Party Ideas for Girls Birthday party

Does your little girl like Cinderella best of all the Disney princesses? Then throw her a party with our Cinderella Party Ideas, complete with ideas for invitations, decorations and more to make her feel like the belle of the ball, just like Cinderella!

We dreamt and worked for a year to create a birthday in the form of a fairytale. This party was planned and built for a beautiful girl of three, who loves princesses. In this case, influenced by Cinderella, the celebration of Luisana ‘s birthday was a beautiful mix of rustic and elegant. We crafted several small details that made this decoration a magical space with more knowledge about the main characters, 12’s clock, golden gourds, picture frames, and Cinderella’s portrait, crowns, and castles were part of the accessories that decorated this beautiful decor. The little slippers with candy in crystal captured the guests’ attention.

The sweets table had desserts that showed the history, handmade details for this special occasion like tubes with princess dresses, personalized boxes with threads, and buttons. The background in fabrics with the silhouette of big Cinderella and our princess Luisana’s name with many celestial butterflies around left all the guests in love.”

Cinderella Party Planning & Invitations

It is important to provide necessary party items such as plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery, as well as a tablecloth, streamers, and balloons. You can adhere to the basics, or add other items that fit your theme. For starters, you may want to consider buying the following for a Cinderella party, too:

· The Disney classic, Cinderella

· Ball Gowns and Tiaras for Dress-up

· Faux Glass Slippers

Invitations are one of a party’s most important part, because they give your guests the first impression of your party. If you have the time to make invitation cards by your own hand, here are a few ideas to consider:

· Fold cardstock in half to generate a top-fold card, and put a horse and carriage sticker or cut-out on the bottom. Write “Princess [name of child] Invites You …” above it and all details of the party inside.

· Cut out silver cardstock for the form of a glass slipper. Write details about the party on the back. When the guests arrive at the party, tell them that Cinderella finds her slipper and hand them a candy-filled glass slipper!

· Cut the shape of a castle out of pink cardstock and add glitter around the turrets and doorways. Add stickers of bluebirds flying around the castle, mice scurrying on the ground, and other animals that help Cinderella. Write your party details on the back.


Cinderella Party Decorating & Food       

You can make your child’s Cinderella birthday party come to life through your decorations!

· Use pastel colors for your traditional party decorations, such as streamers and balloons. Make groups of three to five balloons place around the party area.

· Sprinkle glitter or star confetti on windowsills and tabletops then set out tiaras and faux or candy jewels.

· Cut a castle out of a large sheet of light blue or pink butcher paper. Decorate it with glitter glue, ribbon, lace, and stickers, and tack it to one wall of the party area.

· Hang cut-outs of bluebirds from the ceiling to represent the birds who helped Cinderella with her dress.

· Print out Cinderella movie stills, frame them, and either hang them on the party area walls or set them up on the tables.

· Call your nearest video store or movie theater, and see if there are any old Cinderella posters that you may have or purchase.

Carry your party theme through to the food! For a Cinderella Party, consider the following ideas:

· Make an appetizer in the shape of a horse and carriage for Cinderella! Hollow out a bread loaf, and fill it with your favorite sauce. Place two slices of cucumber on each side of the carriage wheels. Set up two or more horses of plastic toy in front of the “carriage” and link them with red liqueur string.

· Make homemade pretzels in the shape of stars. Sprinkle them with strawberry syrup or cinnamon and sugar after baking.

· Make edible Fairy Godmother Wands! Use a cookie cutter to cut star or heart shapes out of sugar cookies and rice cereal treats. Before the goodies fresh and harden, insert a long pretzel rod into one end. Bibbity, bobbity, boo – they’re done!

· Individual cupcakes can sometimes be more manageable than a full cake. For Cinderella cupcakes, frost them in pink or blue frosting and top them with a glass slipper. Colored sugar adds the final touch.


Cinderella Party Favors

Send all the little princesses home with party favors that fit your theme. Give one massive support, such as a fascinating piece of jewelry, or combine smaller favors such as a lip gloss, bubbles, stickers, costume jewelry, and candy in a cute favor bag. You may want to consider our complete Cinderella favor set to save time, which includes a matching favor bag. Or, view our popular personalized favors. Choose from bag tags, zipper pulls, magnets, and more, all personalized with your guests’ names or a personal message from you!