Cocktail Party host by Following These Tips

The cocktail night is their most entertaining pre-wedding affair! Here’s how to make it a night to remember! Take our guide’s signs, and get moving! Figure out what is and what is not relevant.

At any Indian wedding, the cocktail or sangeet night is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable pre-wedding activities. There are no rituals or traditions limiting this night’s entertainment quotient, ensuring that the bride and groom will let down their hair and have a blast with all their wedding guests. It’s also quick to host great cocktail-decent food and music and you’re sorted out for the night! All you need is a wedding venue with beautiful wedding scenery, a hit playlist full of dance music, to step up your game. Make sure your wedding photographer and wedding videographer is ready to capture as the magic unfolds in reality.

Learn through our instructions for organizing a fun and exciting cocktail night for anyone who attends:

  • Cure your playlist according to your list of guests

For a great party having a great DJ is important. We suggest you take a step forward and curate a playlist that will bring everyone to the dance floor. In the planning stages, you might also include a few of your colleagues. When you’re not too sure what’s in vogue, check out the trending charts that feature the season’s biggest hits. Don’t forget to add a few classic 80s and 90s Bollywood tracks to the mix. There’s no party like a Bollywood retro party, after all!

  • Book fun events and games for your guests

You don’t want to make your cocktail party a dull affair full of formal conversation and uncomfortable moments. Make it enjoyable by planning games for the bride and groom as well as the guests who attend. You can start with simple games like ‘How well does the bride and groom know you? ‘And add other enjoyable activities to the schedule. Start your dance performances by adding enjoyable dance-offs between your guests and continue the party. Other fun activities, including a photo booth, face painting station and a DIY cocktail bar, are also open!

  • Select the right place

You don’t want this event to be at a sit-down restaurant or a dull spot where people can’t have fun. Remember to pick a comfortable place and give a bit of flexibility when it comes to having a DJ, arranging for lights and more. You might also ask if one portion of a common bar can be reserved for the private party and you can get your guests to come there instead of planning for a super elaborate venue.

  • Apply variety to the menu

Don’t excessively limit your food choices. To certain guests, sticking to only one kind of food may be a bit of a downer. Make the most of the night’s relaxed vibe, and prepare your meal accordingly. Switch things up by keeping a few healthier choices that will work for almost all, and providing your guests with plenty of munchies to get through the evening, particularly because alcohol is involved. Please note to include teetotallers of mocktails and non-alcoholic.

  • What’s more, enjoy your party.

Try to let go of your own cocktail party and have fun. You don’t have to think about every single thing, because for everyone this is a casual night. Enjoy dancing with friends and fiance and celebrating your wedding in the best way possible.

Some of the most sought after pre-wedding activities there is the cocktail session. It is a fun and enjoyable night, particularly for the young—bride and groom friends and family for getting to dance and being merry at this exciting pre-wedding event. Take inspiration from our article and find out you should wear some outfits at your cocktail party.

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