Minion Theme for Birthday Party

Minion Party Decor

Minions Birthday Party is an easy idea to rock for decor – take blue and yellow! Turn your doors in Despicable Me ones using colored paper and large googly eyes. Create fun blue and yellow dessert tables, make centerpieces with minions, and offer minion helmets to everyone. You can also create your minion games for the party: minion bowling or ring toss using usual plastic bottles. If it’s a girl’s party, you can substitute blue details for pink ones. Make fun minion eggs with different prizes inside and give them as party favors.

Minion Party Treats

Food and drinks in Despicable Me theme will be amazing, and the good thing is that styling in this theme is pretty straightforward. Lemonade looks like a styled minion drink, and you can add googly eyes to the jar if you want. Make minion jello cups, pretzel bark, choose candies in blue and yellow and serve them in proper bowls. Create minion fruit plates shaping fruit and berries into blue and yellow minions. Order a cake and cupcakes in the same blue and yellow and make the kids happy!


Whether you’re a seasoned baker or are just getting to know your oven, you should give these Minion Cupcakes a try. How could you resist?

They are sure to be a great addition to a Minion party dessert table. You can even send these Minion cupcakes home as individual party favors.

If you’ve never made fondant before, don’t sweat it!


From Crazy About Cake, as seen on Cakes Decor:: Feel like a bit of a challenge? Why not DIY this Minion birthday cake?

You might need to sharpen your fondant skills (although making fondant from scratch is not required.)

If the skills to create this birthday card are more than you possess, do not fret! Take this Minion cake idea to a local bakery and see if they are up for the baking and decorating challenge.


If you and your oven aren’t quite on speaking terms, but you still want cute “baked” goods for your Minion party, you should give these easy Minion cookies a try.

They’re no-bake, so no fuss, and come out brilliantly. There are two versions to choose from, both equally cute.

You’ll need cookies (Oreos and Vienna Fingers), candy melts, candy eyes, and paper straws or lollipop sticks (optional).


If you’re into details and not afraid of a little work, these banana ice cream cone Minions are adorable and make an especially fun addition to a summer Minion birthday party.

This bright treat idea and ends with a choose your adventure ending.

There are two finished Minion cones to choose from—one that involves modeling chocolate and specialized tools, and the other utilizes Tootsie Rolls and regular kitchen items.

Will edible Minions make their dessert table debut at your Minions party this year?


From Brownie Bites:: If you are a fan of quick and smart party ideas, this step-by-step guide for creating Minions cupcakes is a must-see.

The Minion decorations for these cupcakes are made with Twinkies, making this a super quick cake decorating project.

Plus, you get a Twinkie with your cupcake, which no one has ever complained about!


From home, what’s a party without balloons? These Minion balloons make a great Despicable Me party decoration and are cheap and easy to make you.

Just print the Minion template, cut, and adheres to the balloons for easy decoration. Send the balloons home with guests as a party favor!