MICE Event Company in India

MICE Event Company in India

MICE Event Company in India- Impression startup event join us be the first to book your ticket. There are no limits, only creativity of solutions at Troop Solutions. The master of an entire range of assistance for MICE services at our event destination which stands for Meetings Incentives Conference Events Services. Being a part of Troop events experience the best part of services with us. 

MICE stands for meetings, conferences, incentives and exhibitions. It is the next important thing in the travel and tourism industry. Troop Solutions MICE Event Company provides a great platform to explore opportunities for information transfer and business development with old partners, investors, clients and suppliers. That MICE Event Company in India requirements will differ based on the target market, the services/products provided and the budget. With Troop Solutions, you are getting the most targeted services that can be changed according to your needs and demands. We have a full team of highly committed and trained professionals who treat your company with every aspect of MICE tourism. And if you’re selecting a domestic or an international destination, you’ll get unmatched facilities. The ideas and schedule for the activities are chalked out after the client has taken the brief.

When the final blueprint is accepted, the actual implementation will commence. An increasing number of organizations have become involved in MICE over the last few years. A lot of event planners and travel companies have thus begun offering tourism services to MICE. Amidst the multitude of names, you can rely solely on the experts. Troop Solutions is a brand name that doesn’t require industry introduction. The volume of premium quality service talks about performance and ranking. The programs we fund include

    Complete event planning.

    Complete event planning
  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight/train reservations
  • Hospitality
  • Itinerary management
  • Pre and post-event set up
  • Airport/Railway Station pick-up and drop
  • Accommodation
  • Foreign exchange
  • Gourmet catering
  • Travel policy
  • Technical support
  • Post-event winding up
  • Sightseeing

With Troop Solutions, you get hassle-free MICE Event Company in India at the various affordable rates. Our travel and tourism experience and expertise have helped us make a mark in the marketplace for ourselves. Troop Solutions Mice Travel Corporate Incentive Travel is a proven business resource to inspire teams and individuals to the desired action. Time-tested driving revenue, improving employee engagement, raising productivity and promoting customer loyalty. Incentive travel plans have helped many corporations reach their greatest business goals. The value-proposal LMT

  • Improve the Delight factor and advise
  • Personalized Service
  • Work as an expansion of management teams, help
  • Drive corporate results
  • Local Destination experience
  • Solutions driven and Domain Expertise
  • Long-term Stable Relation, for a great working
  • Partnerships
  • Convenience, Access, Substantial Cost Savings,
  • Transparency

“Using technology to connect people to facilitate growth and knowledge exchange.”

Any success story starts with a dream. A young entrepreneur understood the importance of a profoundly efficient and customized conference specialist entity in the year 2000 and thus Troop Solutions was born with a mandate of ‘adding value’ to each and every event it handled. Troop Solutions MICE Event Company in India has evolved steadily both horizontally and vertically over the course of two decades. The standard operating procedure at Troop Solutions was providing personalized, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to our customers and setting new standards of quality in the process. The fact that we managed over 1000 events of varying significance, managed a guest list that saw successive Indian prime ministers and presidents apart from luminaries, political and business dignitaries from all over the world is a testament to our excellence and exceeding our esteemed clients’ standards.

Why Troop Solutions?

‘Great responsibility comes with excellent work’ – The team at Troop Solutions believes in this adage and we put in optimal resources, state-of-the-art technology, the best experience and tailored services to manage our customer events effectively and to ensure that we ‘add value’ to the original event outcome. We focus not just on planning a meeting, but also on creating a positive convergence of people to produce a result that not only meets but surpasses all the client’s standards. Over two decades and 2000 plus successful events make our team one of the Indian MICE industry’s most prepared group of professionals to claim from. We benefit immensely from our ‘positive mindset’ and a ‘Could make mentality’ approach. The team recognizes the time pressures, dynamics, expectations and priorities of the customer events with a large background.

  • Effective process control.
  • Specialized conference and event management.
  • Flexibility of operations.
  • ISO certified 
  • Planning and time-bound execution of all activities.
  • Constantly delivering excellence and earning repeat clientele.

Our Vision

“For our stakeholders (customers, participants, vendors, employees, shareholders and society) to become the most preferred ‘Meetings Services’ company and double our value (turnover and profits) every two years until 2020.” Our mandate to the mission is to ‘add value’ to everything we do. By combining the elements of strategy, energy, creativity and technology, we constantly achieve excellence to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our responsibility to our mission of ‘Adding value’ is absolute, and through our immense experience, expertise and keen eye, we achieve the goal of conducting the customer event to the best of our ability and put strong emphasis not only on trouble-free event organization but on achieving the long-term goals of the customer.

Core Values

Attention to Detail:

It takes a lot of work to create a smooth, reliable, and optimally efficient case. It is our observant eye and a keen focus on every minor and major detail that enables us to consistently deliver competence on every parameter.

Accuracy and Response Time

In a vital and people-oriented business segment like ours, the very essence of success is accurate information, appropriate and swift response to every need and circumstance and that’s where our immense expertise gives us great capability.

Simplify Processes:

Innovation and the inclusion of new technologies, coupled with our experience, lead us to always deliver both simplified and optimal solutions.

Exceed Expectations:

Our proactive approach, tremendous understanding of customer needs and vast experience enable us to always exceed expectations.

Value People:

Giving interest to people who join us for a common cause is also helping us achieve an extra mile of success.

What does MICE Stand for?

What does MICE Stand for?

MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Exhibitions and Conferences & Seminars. If you are searching for top MICE companies in Delhi NCR, look no further than Troop Solutions – one of the market’s leading MICE planners, MICE Event Company in India. We have Project Planners with years of MICE business experience.

Troop Solutions is a Qualified MICE Planner that provides services reliably according to our clients’ preferences and wishes. We have also served the needs of corporates, professional associations and government agencies with success. We are committed to performing your meetings, incentives events, conferences and exhibitions successfully with our professional teams. Our services are involving organizing, setting & designing. Within a span of over nine years, Troop Solutions has grown very rich knowledge & insight of MICE by producing outstanding, unmatched and personalized MICE services to our clients.Troop Solutions is known for successfully planning and conducting the MICE event. Troop Solutions provides customers with high quality and good service at very nominal charges and is rated as one of Delhi ‘s best MICE organizers & MICE Event Company in India.



You can be confident of one thing when organizing an event by Troop Solutions: You are not alone. Every tool you need will serve you from the preparation to the execution. Whether you schedule a single corporate board meeting or a national multi-city series of medical dinner meetings or a gala event. Troop Solutions lets you schedule and organize all the logistics of your meeting according to your requirements. Troop Solutions MICE Event Company in India


Employee recognition programs are designed to honor and reward them for their hard work, loyalty and devotion to completing their job-related mission. There are limitless opportunities and types of Incentive Events that Troop Solutions can prepare for your company throughout the year like Dinner and Theater, Private Parties, Holidays Parties, Music Festival, etc. Our mice event service is a perfect way to thank the staff for their hard work. With any event, Troop Solutions focuses on the nitty-gritty, so that we can truly satisfy our customers. As one of Delhi NCR ‘s best event management company, we offer the most competitive rates in the event management industry. We are one of the Best Mice Planners In India. MICE Event Company in India



We provide a complete range of innovative, administrative, and logistical resources to promote the effective program, meeting, or event execution at every planning and implementation phase. Troop Solutions will coordinate paper jobs, abstracts, publications, employ of computers, audio visual exhibits, collections, signage and so on. Each aspect of your event will be done with expert accuracy – all components are organized by our dedicated staff. We provide a complete range of innovative, administrative, and logistical resources to promote the effective program, meeting, or event execution at every planning and implementation phase. Troop Solutions will coordinate paper jobs, abstracts, publications, employ of computers, audio visual exhibits, collections, signage and so on. Each aspect of your event will be done with expert accuracy – all components are organized by our dedicated staff.



If you’re looking for Delhi NCR ‘s Best Exhibition Management Company you’ve come to the right spot. Our goal is to assist businesses in their expansion process. Troop Solutions knows the state of the sector and works closely with local service providers. Our exhibition stands are typically designed in modular format for ease of use and portability and can be manufactured in combination with computer displays and pop-up stands. We are all designed to the highest industry standards, thus maintaining strict observance of all fire, health and safety regulations. Troop Solutions believes in the concept of making the show a most competitive and cost-effective business style with the ideal mix of the world’s best suppliers and potential customers from the industry. We have dedicated teams of experts with deep expertise in project management, advertisement, and communications & corporate sales.

How We Can Help

Troop Solutions is an award winning group having its presence globally. With over 20 years of experience the group is based in Delhi. We believe in assisting our client in such a way to provide 100% satisfaction. He have already handled more than 100 projects at national as well as international level. We are a team of smart and experience peoples who provide cost-effective, on time delivery and efficient solutions to the clients. Here are the services we offer:

For more information, please contact us on info@troopsolutions.in or call us Mb. No. 075032947048750317569

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